Intended Placement of Directly and Indirectly Held Shares by the Executive Board

Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2017, 14:54 Uhr
Inside Information according to Article 17 MAR

Mr. Armand Zohari, who will resign from the Executive Board of InVision AG (ISIN: DE0005859698) on 30th June 2018, intends to reduce its directly and indirectly held interests in InVision AG to a maximum of 13 percent within the next 18 months. The Chairman of the Executive Board, Peter Bollenbeck, and Mr. Zohari have agreed that the 50 percent share of Mr. Zohari in InVision Holding GmbH will be withdrawn by the end of this year and Mr. Bollenbeck will remain as the sole shareholder of InVision Holding GmbH.

At the same time, Peter Bollenbeck intends to increase its directly and indirectly held interests in InVision AG to up to 30 percent over the next 18 months. All in all, the three founding shareholders of InVision AG, Peter Bollenbeck, Armand Zohari and Matthias Schroer, intend not to fall below a stake of 50 percent in the long term.

The current shareholdings in InVision AG are as follows: 
  • InVision Holding GmbH: 22 percent
  • Peter Bollenbeck, Chairman of the Executive Board, InVision AG: 17 percent
  • Armand Zohari, Board Member without portfolio, InVision AG: 17 percent
  • Matthias Schroer, Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board, InVision AG: 11 percent 

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