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Product (Management) Lead (gn) for Business Domain Sales & Marketing

Leipzig (teilw. Homeoffice)

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Job Function

Business IT
Warum SoftwareOne?

SoftwareOne is powered by Swomies!


Every day, 9.000+ SoftwareOne colleagues solve demanding business challenges with intelligence and grit. And every day, 400+ Tech Experts in 20+ countries build and operate the systems that run SoftwareOne. They deliver 24/7 support through different time zones and work in a hybrid Multi-Cloud environment (AWS, Azure). This team is called BUSINESS IT (BIT) and is leading SoftwareOne's internal transformation by rethinking traditional IT and business operations, while driving innovation and productivity for its thousand's employees worldwide. #DrivenToDeliver #IgniteTheMagic 




Product Management Lead (gn) for Business Domain: Sales & Marketing


team: Business IT of SoftwareOne | pensum: full time

location: Germany (preferred); other Europe (optional) / working model: hybrid



Das Aufgabengebiet

In a nutshell:

  • As part of our continued expansion, we are looking for a seasoned Product Lead (gn) to join our team.
  • This pivotal role offers an exciting opportunity to drive strategic product initiatives within our organization, collaborating closely with internal IT teams as well as external business representatives and owners.
  • The successful candidate will play a key role in shaping our product strategy, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and building strong relationships with stakeholders to ensure the successful delivery of innovative solutions that align with our business objectives. 



More details:



The key relationships


in Business IT:

  • Collaborate with IT teams including engineering, design, and development to ensure seamless execution of product initiatives.
  • Engage with IT leadership to align product strategy with departmental goals and objectives.

with "External" (Business Representatives, - Owners):

  • To gather requirements, understand needs, and prioritize features based on business impact.
  • Collaborate with business leadership on defining strategic goals and objectives and communicate how IT solutions can support and enable those strategies.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key business stakeholders, ensuring alignment between IT solutions and business objectives.


The key responsibilities
  • Actively lead a group of Product Managers and/or Product Owners to ensure the Product roadmap is focused on delivering Business Outcomes.
  • Develop, articulate and align the Product Manager so that a clear product strategy is built and aligned with the company's vision and objectives.
  • Define and communicate the product vision to internal teams and external stakeholders, inspiring alignment and commitment.
  • Create and maintain product roadmaps that prioritize features and enhancements based on strategic goals and market needs.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to gather requirements, solicit feedback, and secure buy-in for product initiatives.
  • Conduct regular stakeholder meetings to provide updates on product progress, solicit feedback, and address concerns.
  • Leverage stakeholder insights and market trends to refine product strategy and roadmap iteratively.
  • Manage relationships with key stakeholders, including executives, clients, and partners, to ensure alignment and support for product initiatives.
  • Act as a trusted advisor to stakeholders, providing strategic guidance and recommendations on product-related matters.
  • Prioritize as needed to ensure the Product Managers within the domain see the “big picture”
  • Lead cross Product discussions within the domain but also across the domain. Be ready to compromise and prioritize accordingly to the overall company strategy.

Additional responsibilities include...

  • Leading and managing a team of Product Owners, Product Managers, and Business Consultants, overseeing their growth, goals, and learning paths.
  • Defining and communicating clear expectations, roles, and responsibilities within the team, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and objectives.
  • Conducting regular performance evaluations and providing constructive feedback to team members, recognizing achievements, and addressing areas for improvement.
  • Providing mentorship, acting as a role model and advocate for best practices in product management, driving excellence and innovation within the team and across the organization.



The direct Lead:

Reto Regenass is the Hiring Lead for this role. Reto has had a distinguished career spanning nearly 18 years at SoftwareOne, working out of Switzerland. He progressed from Project Manager to his current position as Head of Corporate Applications (since Jan 2020). You need more information about Reto?:


Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten

your experience & knowledge

  • 5+ years of experience in product management or a related role, with a focus on managing software product portfolios and driving strategic initiatives.
  • Familiarity with product management frameworks such as Lean Product Management, Design Thinking, and Jobs-to-be-Done theory, with a proven ability to apply these frameworks to drive product strategy and innovation.
  • Proficiency in agile software development methodologies, particularly SAFe and Lean Startup, with hands-on experience in implementing these methodologies to drive product development and innovation.
  • Proficiency in managing lean portfolios and strategic demand portfolio management, with experience in techniques such as prioritization, budgeting, and resource allocation to maximize business value.
  • Experience in creating and maintaining product roadmaps that prioritize features and enhancements based on strategic goals and market needs, using techniques such as theme-based road mapping and outcome-driven road mapping.
  • Ability to create comprehensive business cases, incorporating minimum viable products (MVPs) and business outcome hypotheses to justify investment decisions.
  • Experience in agile forecasting and estimation techniques, enabling accurate prediction of project timelines and resource requirements.
  • Demonstrated ability to align product initiatives with overarching business strategy, ensuring that IT solutions contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives.
  • Understanding of financial concepts and accountability for portfolio solutions and development value streams, including decision-making responsibilities for investment funding and addressing overall business outcomes.
  • Proven track record of collaborating across diverse teams and departments to drive consensus and alignment on strategic priorities and execution plans.
  • Ability to identify and mitigate risks associated with portfolio management, ensuring that products are delivered on time, within budget, and in alignment with strategic objectives.



your communication skill

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills to work effectively in an agile team environment
  • Excellent communication skills, especially in English.


your personality

  • Commitment to continuous learning and professional development, with a focus on staying abreast of industry trends and best practices in product management to drive innovation and excellence within the organization.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to effectively engage with executives, business owners, and stakeholders at all levels of the organization, fostering alignment and support for strategic initiatives.
  • Analytical thinking with a focus on continuous improvement, structured approach, and solution-oriented mindset.
  • Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.



Das haben wir zu bieten

This is what makes us special as an employer:

  • Global company culture: We defined our lived culture through 7 core values (
  • Come as you are: Wear what you feel comfortable in, not just while working from home!
  • President’s Club: Exclusive recognition awarded by leadership and your peers.
  • Flexible work: Do great work from anywhere, deliver excellence everywhere.
  • Employee Exchange Program: Experience new colleagues and cultures around the world.
  • Incentive programs: Swomies award bonuses to colleagues who go above and beyond.
  • Lifelong education: We pay for your new skills with tuition reimbursement.
  • Employee stock option programs (SIX: SWON): Be an owner. All employees can be shareholders.
  • Hire to Grow: We optimize our internal structures and feedback culture constantly to be your Employer of Choice, today and in future.
  • For local benefits & incentices (GER and CH), you can check our current benefit list here:




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Dieser Job bzw. Stellenanzeige als 'Product (Management) Lead (gn) for Business Domain Sales & Marketing' ist für folgende Adressen ausgeschrieben: 04329 Leipzig in Sachsen.

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